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BlogTAI strives to be the foremost foreign language content sharing/publishing platform about, for, and by foreigners in China. And we want you to publish your insights/stories on BlogTAI because:

>. Everything you publish on BlogTAI is smartphone/mobile friendly. (These days, who really wants to read on a big computer?)

>. We will help you share your writing on major social networks such as Facebook and WeChat (Our staff members are very well connected on Facebook with more than 3000 FB friends combined; and BlogTAI is built for WeChat for easy sharing!)

>. You can make your own regular column and become a columnist for BlogTAI. And your readers can write either publc comments on your ideas/stories, or send you a private message which only you can read.

>. You own the copyrights of all the original content created by you, which you can re-publish in other channels.



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